Episode 114

Published on:

13th Oct 2022

Workplace Conflict Expert Bonnie Artman Fox on how your upbringing shapes your conflict mindset(Ep 114)

How did my Family get into my Office?!

What role does your upbringing play in how you address conflict at work? Emotional landmines, abrasive leaders, and lack of emotional intelligence can spell a recipe for disaster in the workplace when left unchecked.

This week's guest, Bonnie Artman Fox, shares her experiences as a coach helping leaders develop healthy interpersonal skills to stop dysfunctional workplace relationships. Whether we like it or not, our family dynamics can often come out to play in our work life. However, we can choose to what degree we allow this energy to dictate our actions.

If you're wondering how to resolve differences sooner and make work relationships stronger - this is the episode for you. Abrasive leaders exist everywhere, listen in for productive conflict strategies, tips, and inspiration from Bonnie.


  1. What do healthy coping skills look like in the workplace? How do I know if I'm in fight/flight/freeze? (8:27)
  2. What does H.E.R.O.I.C. leadership look like? (17:55)
  3. As a manager of an abrasive leader, how do I invite this person to change?(23:45)
  4. What behaviors prevent a leader from creating meaningful behavioral change in the workplace? (29:43)




Bonnie's Book: How Did My Family Get in My Office?!

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After working with thousands of clients as psychiatric nurse and licensed family

therapist who were struggling with dysfunctional workplaces, Bonnie Artman Fox

discovered the Workplace Family Factor®: The connection between how conflict

was handled in your upbringing influences how you handle conflict today.

Since 2012, Bonnie has been applying her proprietary system -- Regard the Scar,

Reframe to Stop Blame, Respect and Connect, and Resolve to Evolve to transform

how leaders and employees transform their conflict style from divisive to

collaborative in organizations such as Mitsubishi Electronic Power Products,

Inc., Penco Products, Inc. and Elliott Group.

Bonnie’s unique perspective on conflict resolution is the secret weapon top

organizations turn to defuse conflict and create cultures that work in a profound

and profitable way.

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