Episode 99

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1st Jul 2022

Episode 99: Master the Ask© - 5 Steps to negotiate raises, promotions, and job opportunities

How do we ensure that when we jump ship from one company to the next shiny opportunity, we are getting what we actually need from our employer?

This requires an in-depth look at what will actually make your workflows more efficient, more productive, and more joyful. 

People love structure - we can leverage this when asking for what we need. Structured asks give employers a sense of control, which helps to move them forward towards your goals. The more specific you are in what you ask for, the higher the likelihood you'll get what you want. By following 5 intentional steps, you can show up more fully and better advocate for your worth in the face of adversity.

In this week's episode, we will take a deep dive based on our conversation from Episode 27 with Laura Fredricks. Ever wonder why some people can ask for something and get it, while others struggle? What if there's a formula that could improve your odds of getting a raise, increasing donor giving, or getting a promotion or job? Laura Fredricks, based in New York City, is the Billion-Dollar ASK-Maker Powerhouse.

As an attorney-turned-philanthropic advisor, Laura Fredricks knows how to ask. She comes from a seasoned career in industries best known for making the most high-profile asks—law and philanthropy—and is the first to merge strategies from both professional sectors into a mainstream practice – THE ASK©.

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  1. How can I successfully negotiate my salary, hybrid work schedule, remote privileges, start dates, etc in my new job opportunity?
  2. What role does preparation and mindset play in getting what you want?
  3. What are some requests that employees can bring up to make their first year in their new role easier? 
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