Episode 98

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23rd Jun 2022

Episode 98: How do you know if your personality assessment is culturally sensitive?

We've all heard horror stories about people who have hated taking personality assessments for work. However, when done well, a personality assessment (such as DISC, Insights, Meyers-Briggs, etc) is a way of increasing your self-awareness. A common critique of personality assessments is that they're based on whatever emotion you're feeling at the time you take it. However, If you're taking a good report, it SHOULD be able to capture to capture where you're at emotionally in the moment and compare it to the baseline.

When we take these types of assessments, it's very easy for us to point out traits that we don't identify with. One thing to remember and recognize with personality assessments is that the point is never to assess the totality of who you are. A good personality assessment will not put you in a box, but rather help you realize what strengths you can pull from to get through challenging work experiences. Additionally, by taking several assessments at once, we can get a better understanding of our habitual responses to the triggers in our environment. A personality assessment is a lens into

In this week's episode, Denise Cooper interviews Human Performance Specialist Pamela Brooks-Richards, for her take on how we can eliminate workplace conflicts at the source.

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