Episode 93

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18th May 2022

Episode 93: Is how you think causing more workplace conflict?

What role do the stories we tell ourselves play in office conflicts? Are the stories you tell yourself about how your boss feels about you rooted in reality or fear? Our emotions are our primary link to memory, connection, and disconnection. Frustratingly enough, it isn't always possible to simply "be more logical" about an emotional situation.

How can we use our breath to rewire the neurochemicals that fire off in our frontal cortex in times of stress? At our core, people all want to know that they are safe, heard, seen, and relevant. If you've been searching for meaningful tools to work through workplace conflict, this is the episode for you.

In this week's episode, Denise Cooper interviews Human Performance Specialist Pamela Brooks-Richards, for her take on how we can eliminate workplace conflicts at the source.

Keep up with Pamela Brooks-Richards:


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