Episode 89

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21st Apr 2022

Episode 89: Learn to think like a strategist

What is strategic thinking? What does it look like in the C-Suite or the workplace? We often think about our careers in terms of taking the "fast path" to success - however learning is cumulative. To become a strong strategist, you have to implement lessons that you've learned across your entire career journey.

In this week's episode, Dr. Julia Sloan talks us through her Three-Stage Model for learning strategic thinking. Dr. Sloan is a leading authority on the cognitive aspect of strategic thinking and is widely recognized for her pioneering work on the application of complex cognitive theory to everyday strategic thinking practice in global business and public policy.

If you find yourself wondering how to be a better strategist, this is the episode for you. Listen in for Dr. Sloans 's expert advice on how you can apply your expertise to make an impact in your organization and in the world.

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Book: Learning to Think Strategically, 4th ed.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Routledge publishing house.

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