Episode 88

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14th Apr 2022

Episode 88: How do I discuss what I actually need with my boss?

How do we start thinking about what we really need from our boss? Often, our mind goes straight to getting that next raise. However, for most people - the real key to happiness is a bit more holistic.

For many workers, they find that the ideal work situation requires a fair balance of income, time spent at the job, and attention required. Have you thought about talking to your boss about what can be done to balance the scales? The process can be more collaborative than you think. In some cases, a raise may be what you need. In other cases, the answer may be rearranging your daily job routine, re-evaluating the tasks that suck up your time, and negotiating a new way to get the work done.

If you find yourself wondering how to ask your boss for what you need, this is the episode for you. Listen in for Denise Cooper's expert advice on how to lead this conversation with your boss to get an outcome you'll be happy with.

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