Episode 106

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18th Aug 2022

Episode 106: Why hyper-vigilance is the enemy of high performance

What role does anxiety, hypervigilance, and chronic stress play in the healthcare industry?

We are two years away from the beginning of the pandemic, and still no closer to treating healthcare workers in a dignified way. What does work-life balance look like for nurses who are supporting more patients than ever before? How can nurses set boundaries to be able to show up for patients in critical-care scenarios, without burning themselves out?

If you're interested in learning how to balance boundaries, find work-life integration, and find sustainability within the healthcare industry, this is the episode for you. In this week's episode Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C, Cardiothoracic Surgery Physician Associate discusses what healthy boundaries can look like within the healthcare field. After overcoming burnout working in surgery, she became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker and Advisor. Now she empowers ambitious and overwhelmed health practice owners and their team gain back a day per week.

Her clients stopped having endless to-do lists or constantly putting out fires, and they are able to move steadily forward without experiencing upper limits. She is still practicing in surgery and empowering other healthcare leaders to have a double win in both work and life. That's why people call her the Queen of Performance and Productivity. She hosts "The Provider's Edge" podcast and is an International Bestselling Author of the books: "Asian Women Who BossUp" and "Sacred Redesign."


  • What is the current state of healthcare workers in the United States.
  • What would fair and equitable treatment of healthcare workers look like moving forward? 
  • You talk a lot about the idea of mental immunity, what does this mean to you?
  • What will be the impact on patient outcomes when we treat healthcare workers better?


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