Episode 102

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21st Jul 2022

Episode 102: How peer-to-peer learning skyrockets your career plan

What role does peer-to-peer learning play in your career development?

We recognize that we need a plan to reach out career goals. Our career plans should be ambitious and flexible. However, when we don't plan on becoming leaders, and we find ourselves in our first management role - it can be one of the biggest challenges we take on in our career.

Being a leader means it's no longer about solving an individual problem, it becomes about how to lead a highly effective team. Leadership and project management skills benefit all of us, regardless of where we are in our careers. It's never too soon to start learning.

In college, we learn formulas, content, and how to create reports. However, leadership has no formulas or cheat-sheets. In this week's episode, learn why peer-to-peer learning is KEY in developing strong leadership skills that can be applied in any number of professional settings.

If you're interested in building a peer-to-peer learning group, here is what Mark Herschberg recommends:

  1. Build a group of 6-8 people.
  2. Listen to a podcast, read a few pages of a book, and discuss learnings as a group

By doing this at your organization, you're upskilling your workforce, you're creating better employee engagement, and you're creating a common language for your employees.

In this week's episode, we interview author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You and creator of the Brain Bump app, Mark Herschberg. Listen in for his take on how you can yield outsized returns for your career and your income.


  1. What can you tell us about the importance of networking? How has it evolved since March 2020? What role does networking play in the role of peer-to-peer learning?
  2. How can leaders encourage peer-to-peer learning? 
  3. How can employees be more intentional about utilizing peer-to-peer learning to manage their careers?


  • Website: https://www.thecareertoolkitbook.com/
  • Career Toolkit Development Program: https://bit.ly/3aZQNpR
  • Buy the book, The Career Toolkit: https://amzn.to/3zkMS0m


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