Episode 101

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14th Jul 2022

Episode 101: Hybrid work, "hotelling", and the future of HR

How do boundaries evolve with the shift from being in person to working remotely?

What does working from home mean for the future of HR? How do we think about building a diverse network and community even when working hybrid or remote? How do we think about the structure of the work that's being done? What are the implications of a 4-day work week in a hybrid/remote environment? We will be talking about these questions in more in this week's episode.

If you've been wondering how to lead your organization through the transition to hybrid and remote work - this is the episode for you. This week, we interview Deborah Snow-Walsh for her expert take on the future of work. Snow-Walsh's expertise includes consulting for corporations regarding their internal policies, executive search processes, and coaching for leaders.  She has been involved with HRPS, and was co-chair of its annual conference and various planning committees. 

This week kicks off a 12-month long series, where Deborah Snow-Walsh will be a repeat guest on the show. Have a question you want her to answer? Drop us a line at denise.cooper@rllessons.com and we'll be sure to answer it later this year.


  1. Talk to us about the hybrid work landscape in 2022. What are companies getting right? What are companies struggling with?
  2. How do you see the future of work changing in the next 5 years? Are there any industries that you could see struggling to adapt to this new model?
  3. What are the benefits of hotelling for workers? What are the benefits of hotelling for leaders? 


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