Episode 10

Published on:

4th Mar 2019

Episode 10: Judy Goss: When life takes an unexpected turn what do you do?

Before #MeToo Judy’s organization was creating monthly events called Connect LIVE!:tm: which provides ongoing opportunities for women to Connect, Encourage and Inspire each other. The economic downturn of 2008 found Judy questioning what is it she really wanted to do and how to reinvent herself, her career and how she will continue to address women's issues. She shares what happened when a group of committed women work together. When they do Judy says, "all the necessary resources show up. With the right support you can change careers, start a business, gain financial freedom, enhance your spirituality and improve health outcomes." Judy founded ConnectLive and What Women Want which offers both monthly and the national conferences practical every day advice about transitioning to your next greatest adventure.

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