Episode 118

Published on:

10th Nov 2022

EDI Expert Joann Wortham on improving patient outcomes through building trust

How does the healthcare industry address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion?

Healthcare systems are run on data. This data can include anything from number of falls, number of infections, to how long it takes patients to enter and leave healthcare locations.

This data also shows us that the number of wrong site surgeries go up when people don't feel psychologically safe to speak up. There is a direct correlation between the level of trust and safety that people feel at work, and the lived experience of patient outcomes.

In this week's episode, EDI expert, Joann Wortham tells us about her experiences in helping healthcare executives address discrimination and inequity in their field. If you've been wondering how you can move the needle and influence patient outcomes for the better, this is the episode for you.


  1. How did you decide to step out of a lucrative career into the field of EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion)? [02:26]
  2. How can an administration better understand the experiences of women and minorities in the healthcare system?[15:38]
  3. How do you inspire leaders in the healthcare industry to embrace EDI?[23:31]


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EDI Is the New Black: Lead the Market with Diverse Teams



Joann Wortham is a seasoned international thought leader who uses insight from lived experiences along with her background in education, healthcare, business, and risk management to create novel approaches to today's most critical workplace concerns. With over twenty years of experience, as well as a Master of Science in nursing education and a Juris Doctorate, Ms. Wortham has presented and consulted for such prestigious groups as the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and Yale Health. She was also a consultant and contributor to the American Society of Risk Management's (ASHRM) Human Capital Playbook. Her current book is entitled EDI is the New Black.

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