Episode 108

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1st Sep 2022

Denise Cooper on toxic vs. growth oriented peer-to-peer feedback (Ep. 108)

How do you know if your organization is ready to give peer-to-peer feedback?

How does feedback delivery need to be adjusted for remote vs. in person environments? Often times, organizations will launch a new peer-to-peer feedback initiative, without first training employees on what good feedback looks like and feels like. Toxic feedback is much more damaging to workplace morale than a culture where no feedback is given at all. However, we know that once we nail giving and receiving healthy feedback - organizations thrive.

If you're wondering how to assess where your organization is at in terms of maturity around peer-to-peer feedback, this is the episode for you. Our host, Denise Cooper is interviewed by Alexa Greer on the ins and outs of feedback best practices to bring feedback conversations from "Ouch" to "Oh my".


  1. How do you assess if your organization is ready for peer-to-peer feedback? What is your maturity around feedback? [3:55]
  2. Skilled feedback vs unskilled feedback. I’ve had situations where I’ve gotten feedback from someone that wasn’t very helpful or kind. [13:55]
  3. How does an organization prepare their teams to give skilled feedback? Does it differ remote vs. hybrid [22:19]



Denise Cooper is the Head of People Operations at Pack4U.Her expertise and wisdom are grounded in neuro-leadership, behavioral & psychological principles along with 25 years of experience. Denise has worked across a wide range of industries and organizations from Fortune 500 corporations, small to mid-market & nonprofit businesses. Change is impacting every aspect of business and executives need leadership skills that inspire trust, enable quick response times, clarify purpose and create work cultures where belonging and contribution are foundational principles.

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